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I have make a lot of research on blogs, forums, YouTube, even Q AND A websites on proven methods on how to maximize your earnings from $1 to $5 as star click promise, with your HTML CODE when you upgraded to Gold and platinum memberships in star click. But there’s no well-indebt method or articles on the above mention platforms to guide you with.

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In this article, I will show you step by step guide on how to increase your earnings with your star click HTML code as a GOLD, and PLATINUM member in star click. So follow up with me.

What is Star Click?

If you’re new to star click, let me use one second to explain what it’s all about. Star-click is a PTC (pay to click) website. This website is managed and controlled by Easy Logic co-operation Limited, UK. Star click is an online ads network site, that offers its publisher ads every day to click in order to earn so bucks online, You can earn money online very easily for free with star click. This star click has been established since 2008.

How Does Star Click Work

Star click actually work in 4 good steps:


If you want to make money from star click, signup here as an ads publisher. If you aim at getting more traffic for your blog or website you can register as an advertiser.


After sign-up, star click will send an activation code to your email and also a verification code to your cell phone number.


You get paid quickly for every ad link you click (people website you visit)


You withdraw your money to Bitcoin, PayPal, wire transfer, and direct to your Bank Account

How to Earn Money From Star Click

Star click is a pay-per-click website whereby you get paid to visit people’s websites in the form of an advert, each ad ranging from 0.01$ to 0.02$ per click and you can make up to 6$ daily to 11$ only if you upgrade to GOLD AND PLATINUM member.

Earning from Star Click comes from clicking ads and also referrals. Advertisements are provided on the website every 24 hours per day. As a star-click publisher, you would click on ads and view the ads for 3 seconds, in order to earn $0.01 to $0.02 per click depending upon your membership plan.

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Star Click Memberships:

Star Click has 3 types of publishers or Membership.

  • Silver membership ( Free)
  • Golden membership
  • Platinum membership

Silver membership:

Silver Membership is a free membership. If you are a silver publisher, you can earn $0.01 click per ad. For silver members, you only get 7 to 10 ads per day to click which rewards you with $0.07 -$0.10 per day. You can spend like the old one months to get 1$, is it really worth it, to be a silver member? Also minimum cash out is $50. This plan will take up to 20 working days to receive your earnings payment, WHEREAS:

Gold membership:

For you to be a Golden member in a star click, you need to upgrade to a golden plan with the fee of $19.95, and you are entitled to receive all available ads to clicks. You earn only $0.02 per click on ads.

Members also get up to 100 to150 ads per day which rewards you with $2 to $3 per day. Also minimum cash out is $50. This plan will take up to 3 working days to receive your earnings payment. You will entitle to an HTML code for additional earnings income. Using this HTML code on your blog site, you can earn an extra 5$ to $7 daily, I will show you, in a second, continue reading.

Platinum membership:

Platinum is where you can upgrade with a monthly payment of $49.95 only

We recommend, if this is your first upgrade, try upgrading to a gold membership instead of a platinum plan then, once you are familiar with Star Click earning tricks, you can NOW scale up your upgrade by grading to platinum plan, and you are entitled to receive all available ads to click. You can earn only $0.02 per ads clicks.

With this plan, you entitle to 200 to 500 ads per day which will give you $4 – $10 daily. And their minimum withdrawal is $50. This plan will take up to 1 working day to receive your earnings payment. You will entitle to an HTML code for additional earnings income. Using this HTML code on your blog site, you can earn an extra 7$ to $10 daily.


When you refer your friends and love ones to sign-up with star click, you earn a commission, but the commission is different, depending on the referral sign-up plan.

  • $0.08 per sign up,
  • $5 per gold package upgrade,
  • $10 per platinum package upgrade.

Payment method:

There are 4 good ways to cash out your earnings from star click You can cash out through Bitcoin, Paypal, Western Union, and Bank transfer. By the way, if Paypal is not supported in your country, check out our guide to create a PayPal account that sends, and receives funds in any country.

How to use star click Html Code

Star click HTML code enables you with more ads to click in order to maximize your earnings and it is available to Platinum, and Gold membership only.

Step1: Sign-up for a free blog at

star click

Step2: Click on the orange button with the title “Create your blog”

star click

Then signup with your Google email address.

star click

Step3: you can Choose your blog heading, or title as display above

star click

Step4: you will have to Choose domain-name for example but yours should be since, you don’t have to buy a domain name, and click next

Step5:Choose your display name and click next

star click

Now you’ve done creating your blog

star click

Step6: Click on preview or view blog at the left-hand sidebar of your dashboard

star click

Step7: Click on the layout as shown above

Step8: Click the Add a Gadget at your sidebar

star click

Step9:Choose HTML/Javascript as shown above

star click

Step 10: Log in to your star click account and click on your Html Code page then copy the code and paste as illustrated above then click save, and then preview your blog to see all the changes. And your good to go.

See how my own star click Html code is display in my blog

Little Tips

You will place your HTML Code on an online blog/website with unique content. Once the HTML Code is placed the ads will start displaying, a visitor coming to the blog you’ve just created will generate impression and clicks, boom, you now start earning more with your star click Html code

What you need to do is to advertise your newly created blog to the world, your friends, forums, and social media and let people know what your content is all about.

Frequently Ask Question

How do I upgrade my account?

To upgrade your account follow these procedures: 1. Login to your star click account 2. Click on the Upgrade on the left menu 3. Choose a membership type (Platinum or Gold)  4. Select mode of payment

What are the differences between Silver, Gold, and Platinum member plan?

Silver membership is a is a fundamental membership providing you with small limited number of website to click and restricted payout and withdrawal limit.  The most significant highlights are limitless advertisements (subject to day by day.

I paid to upgrade my account but my account has not changed, why?

The account upgrade is instant in most cases. However, if for some reason your account’s status did not change after payment, you need to send an email to and state your problem, and they’ll rectify it immediately.

Can I upgrade from Gold to Platinum?

It is not that easy to upgrade from Gold membership to Platinum membership. 

Can I upgrade my account using my wallet’s balance?

Yes you can upgrade when you earn up to the minimum amount for upgrading

How much can I earn if I upgrade my account?

Your earnings are totally up to you, and it also depends on your membership plan

How many types of membership are provided?

When you sign-up for the first time you automatically a Silver membership.  However, you can upgrade your account to gold or platinum membership, it is up to you


Star Click is an online advertising network which gives advertiser an opportunity to advertise their website to get more audience and publisher to visit the advertiser ads in order to earn money. A Publisher Account is to make money online while the advertiser account is to gain more quality traffic to his or her site. This website is really great for whosoever that want to start earning online and for small bloggers, who just start their blogging journey

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