Piggyvest Review ( Is It Secure To Save and Invest Your Money?)

Piggyvest Review

Piggyvest Review (My Honest Review as a customer)

More than 90% of the world population are saving their money in the bank. That is a total of 7.9 Trillion people, approximately. Thus, bank services is a strong and influential way to connect and save money that gives you the ability to manage and grow your finance.

When it comes to Savings and Investing Piggyvest is the most widely used app for savings and investing.

There are many savings app out there. But Piggyvest is the one highly recommended? Just read on to find out.

In this in-depth Piggyvest  Review App savings and investing review, we’ll take a look at a well-known saving solution App and explain in detail its pros and cons. Is it right to save and invest your money?

You’re probably here because you’re wondering:

  • About PiggyVest
  • PiggyVest App
  •  Piggyvest Founders
  • Is PiggyVest Legit or Scam?
  • How Does PiggyVest Works?
  • What is Piggyvest Interest Rate?
  • Here’s how the interest works?
  •  How Does PiggyVest Referral Program Works?
  •  How to Withdraw Your Saving
  • Pros and cons
  • How to signup
  • Conclusion

1. About PiggyVest 

Piggyvest Review
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Piggyvest is an online investment and savings platform that gives everybody the ability to manage and grow their finances. The PiggyVest website was first launched with the name PiggyBank as a mobile saving platform only for some years. Then, in April 2019, the website rebranded its services to PiggyVest, and since then, they have been offering both investment and savings opportunities to their numerous customers.

Piggyvest also allows its users to earn money through the interest that is realized from their savings. According to the platform, piggyvest is currently handling more than 350,000 users who save and invest billions of naira every month, therefore, helping them to manage their finance in a very simple and lucrative way.

2. PiggyVest App

Piggyvest Review

The PiggyVest app is available on both Android and iOS and is very trust-worthy. It requires no deposit or monthly fees, and the interface of both the web and mobile applications are user-friendly. Saving with PiggyVest is not just safe and secure, but it also disciplines you by giving you an option of locking your funds until the designated release date.

3.    Piggyvest Founders

Piggyvest Review

The brains behind piggyvest are Odunayo Eweniyi, Joshua Chibueze, and Somto Ifezue. These three persons have worked together for some years on different businesses before they decided to open up a savings and investment platform (known as piggybank) in 2016. And now, piggyvest has helped lots of Nigerians to conquer their savings issues.

4. Is PiggyVest Legit or Scam?

Piggyvest Review

There is no doubt that many people have been a victim of most scam websites. As a result, everyone wants to know if piggyvest is a safe platform before investing in their money.

From the interview by the co-founder as highlighted above, you should be able to understand that they obtain a license from the Central Bank of Nigeria to operate with micro-finance legibility, that on its own aside the capital base is enough to shake off for possible illegitimacy, recall, they plan to tackle a $2.2bn savings market….. They are duly over legit and suitable to take a fundamental risk for.

Also, it is not easy to conclude that a program is legit just because of what the program says about itself as they would do anything possible to convince you. But, at least you can know if a website is safe by reading what people are saying about them on social media, online forums (nairaland, quora and other top review websites like Trustpilot rate them 5 stars, and I’m currently a beneficiary for the past 3 months now, I will show you my earnings by Joining my Whatsapp Group to learn how to maximize your earnings with Piggyvest so, read on.

5. How Does PiggyVest Works

Piggyvest is the first online savings and investment app in West Africa, this great innovation comes in handy with loads of benefits.

Piggyvest users can earn between 10% to 15% interest per annum on their savings plans. While the interest in the platform’s investment plans can get as high as 25%.

Piggyvest gives you the ability to save money in any way that you want. You can decide when to save and how much you want to save anytime. For instance, the platform allows you to save between N50 – N25,000 daily, N1,000 – N100,000 weekly, and N3,000 – N500,000 monthly. You can use the AutoSaves feature to deduct the money from your bank account monthly. So, you won’t have to be saving it manually.

Piggyvest has 3 different types of savings. You can choose any of the options which include core saving, save lock, and target savings depending on your need. All the savings options are discussed below.

  •  Core Savings
  • SafeLock
  • Target Savings

Core Savings: Piggyvest core savings plan allows you to keep your savings for the number of days that you specify. All of your savings would remain on the core savings and you can withdraw it anytime if the number of days that you decide to save the money is over. This means that the full amount you save would not be available for you to withdraw if the days you set to keep it is not yet complete. However, you can decide to withdraw the money before the days are over but it would attract a 5% penalty. For instance, if you save N10000 and select that you want to keep the money for 40 days, you would not be able to withdraw the full amount until after 40 days. But, if you decide to withdraw the money before the days are over, you would have to give away 5% of the money which is N500.

SafeLock: Safelock is another saving option that allows you to earn up to 15.5% interest per annum. It’s a fixed saving that is usually paid up front. With piggyvest safe lock feature, you can transfer and lock funds from your debit card or piggyvest wallet for some days. You would not have access to this fund until the desired time you set is over. For instance, if you transfer N15000 to piggyvest safe lock for 60days, you won’t have access to the money till the days are over. This helps you stay disciplined as you will never be able to touch the money you’ve set aside for savings. The minimum amount you can keep in a safe lock is N1000. The interest depends on the number of days you choose. And, you will earn more interest with safe lock than other saving options. Piggyvest gives you the option to have more than one safe lock in one account. You can decide to create as much as you would like it if it’s meant for different purposes. You can have a safe lock for your birthday, vacation, wedding, etc.

Target savings: This type of savings, allows you to save towards your financial goal. With the piggyvest target savings, you can start up a personal target or a group savings challenge. You can save for weddings, house rent, vacation, etc. Also, you can save toward starting your own business with target savings. Unlike a safe lock, you can decide to withdraw the funds before the maturity date but you would lose your interest and 1% processing fee. You should know that you cannot break a locked target. You can only access locked funds at their maturity date. Also, you would be required to know that all funds must be sent to your PiggyFlex account before you can be able to withdraw them directly to your bank account.

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6. What is Piggyvest Interest Rate?

The interest rate of PiggyVest depends on the type of saving option that you choose. How they pay the interest with each saving options are discussed below.

Core Savings (Piggybank)

This is the default saving option. All your savings will display here and you can withdraw or move funds to other saving options. The core savings interest rate is accrued daily on your balance. They would pay out the interest monthly which would be made available on the 1st of each month.


The interest rate with safe lock is paid upfront into your piggyflex account. You can access it immediately for free anytime.

Target Savings

The target saving interest rate is accrued daily and is paid at the end of your target.

Here’s how the interest works
  • You earn 10% per annum on piggyvest and target savings.
  • Safelock earns you up to 15.5% per annum
  • With piggyflex, you earn 10% per annum and 7% on flex dollar. You earn up to 25% on investing.

That’s how the interest works. You can also be earning up to 25% on investing

7. How Does PiggyVest Referral Program Works?

One of the ways you can be earning a good amount of money while you save on piggyvest is by referring people to the platform. Once you’ve signed up and your account is valid, you can start referring people to piggyvest with your referral link. Each person you refer earns you N1000 and the person you refer earns 1000 also, which they’ll pay into your safe lock. The money will mature to your flex account after 10 days once the person you refer to is valid or verify all his or her details.

 8. How to Withdraw Your Saving

To withdraw your savings, you should have filled in your bank details in the withdrawal settings on your piggyvest account. If you have not done so, you need to do it before you can make a withdrawal request. Once you’ve set up your withdrawal settings, you can then click on the “withdraw” option on your dashboard. After that, input the amount you would like to withdraw and they’ll credit the money into your bank account within 3 hours. You can only withdraw without any extra charges onset withdrawal dates. You can set your own withdrawal date or make use of the piggyvest free withdrawal dates. However, your free withdrawal date can only be once every 3 months. Read also 5 recommended ways to make money online in 2021

Below are PiggyVest free withdrawal days which are:

31st March

30th June

30th September

31st December

Note; Withdrawal outside the withdrawal days will attract a 5% penalty fee.

9. Pros and cons

  • You have the opportunity to save your money at your own pace
  • The benefit of savings ensures you have money to meet your emergency needs when needed.
  • You can save at source by using the autosave, this is a feature that allows you to set auto-debits from your debit card to your Piggyvest savings automatically until you reach your target. This means your savings is been taken away before spending commences which should be ideal.
  • You have the opportunity to increase your savings at any point using the quicksave option, this option enables you to add more funds to your Piggybank savings.
  • You can add up to N200,000 at once with this option, you can however add this multiple times in a single day.
  • The customer service is timely and prompt in the resolution of challenges Withdrawals always effective without hassles or delays of any kind.
  • The safe lock affords you a fix deposit feature.
  • There isn’t free money, your interest accrued is a function of what you saved and how much you saved.
  • There’s a 5% fee for withdrawals before the scheduled date, this is to discourage you from withdrawing unnecessarily.

10. How to sign up for Piggyvest

Step1: Create an account by visiting Piggyvest  

Piggyvest Review
source: piggyvest review

Step2: Click on create an account as shown above.

It will redirect you to sign up as shown below.

Piggyvest Review
source: piggyvest review

Step3: Fill in your correct details and click create free account

It will redirect you to the below form

Piggyvest Review

Step5: Fill in your correct Details then click procced

Step6: Fill in your Bank correct Details as shown below and it will query out your bank details and proceed by clicking continues to activate your account.

Piggyvest Review
source: piggyvest review

Note: you can download the Piggyvest App in the Android or IOS play store to continue your registration. Join my Whatsapp Group to learn how to maximize your earnings with Piggyvest

Office/Customer Care Number

Its office is located at number 16, Boyle Street, Onikan, Lagos Island, Lagos State Nigeria.

Just in case you need to talk to the customer care, you can reach out via the following: 0700 933 933 933 available Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm. contact@piggyvest.com

Conclusion (Piggyvest  Review)

PiggyVest is a savings and investment platform launched in 2016 and is primarily a savings app. formerly known as Piggy Bank, they rebranded to become PiggyVest in 2019 and also began to offer investment opportunities to users besides savings.

It is a platform that wants to give everybody the power to manage and grow their finances better.

Piggyvest referral program is pretty simple once you understand it and the best part is that it’s free. Unlike sharing websites like NNU, Giftal world, rolexkash, and tap2earn which a pretty bum-ass program designed to waste your time. With piggyvest you don’t pay a dime, all you have to do is deposit #1000 and your account will be activated.

Friends I make over 63,000 for referring 63 people to join piggvest and those people earn 1000 Naira each when they complete their registration, what are you waiting for, click here to join Piggyvest and earn your own 1000 Naira

Hey! You can sure withdraw the 1k if you like, join piggyvest today and receive 1,000 per referral, refer 10 people this month and earn 10k from the comfort of your mobile phone.

But to withdraw your piggyvest referral bonus you have to be fully registered, you can read up on how to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus so you can be able to withdraw yours easily.

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Good luck.

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