How to send email from static html page

I’m very happy today to share with you the subject of today’s article, so we’ll check out the step by step guide on How to send email from static html page using Google sheets-scripts.

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In today’s tutorial, I will also describe how you can easily send HTML emails in Gmail without using any extensions.

A little knowledge of HTML and CSS will come in handy but it is not a pre-requisite.

Let Dive in:

For the sake of those who are not a programmer, let me use one minute to explain the static html page:


A static web page (sometimes called a flat page or a stationary page) is a web page that is delivered to the user’s web browser exactly as stored, in contrast to dynamic web pages which are generated by a web application.

How to send email from static html page
How to send email from static html page

Consequently, a static web page displays the same information for all users, from all contexts, subject to modern capabilities of a web server to negotiate content-type or language of the document where such versions are available and the server is configured to do so.

Static web pages are often HTML documents stored as files in the file system and made available by the web server over HTTP (nevertheless URLs ending with “.html” are not always static). However, loose interpretations of the term could include web pages stored in a database, and could even include pages formatted using a template and served through an application server, as long as the page served is unchanging and presented essentially as stored.

Static web pages are suitable for content that never or rarely needs to be updated, though modern web template systems are changing this. Maintaining large numbers of static pages as files can be impractical without automated tools, such as static site generators.

Another way to manipulate static pages is on line compiled supply code playgrounds, e.g. GatsbyJS and GitHub may additionally be utilized for migrating a WordPress website online into static internet pages. Any personalization or interactivity has to run client-side, which is restricting.

Advantages of a static website

  • Provide improved security over dynamic websites (dynamic websites are at risk of web shell attacks if a vulnerability is present).
  • It Improved performance for end-users compared to dynamic websites
  • It allows fewer or no dependencies on systems such as databases or other application servers.
  • It is Cost savings from utilizing cloud storage, as opposed to a hosted environment

Disadvantages of a static website

Dynamic functionality must be performed on the client-side

Step by step guide to sending email from a static html page

1. Make a Copy of the Sample Spreadsheet.

Sample: Download the sample here

How to send email from static html page
2.Open the Script Editor

Open the Script editor… by clicking “Tools” > “Script editor…

How to send email from static html page
3. Set the TO_ADDRESS in the Script
How to send email from static html page
4. Save a New Version of your Script

Goto File-> Manager Version option to set Version

5. Publish the Updated Script as a Web App

Goto menu Publish-> Deploy as Web app option to publish

Select the latest project version to deploy:

How to send email from static html page
6. Authorize the Script to Send Emails

Click Continue to authorize this app

How to send email from static html page

Copy the web app URL to your clip board / note pad. Then Click “OK”.

How to send email from static html page
7. Create your basic HTML Form
How to send email from static html page
8. Open the HTML Form (page) in your Browser

Fill in some sample data in the HTML Form:

How to send email from static html page

Submit the form. You should see a confirmation that it was sent like

{“result”:”success”,”data”:”{\”color\”:[\”\”],\”name\”:[\”Rahul\”],\”message\”:[\”This is test \”],\”email\”:[\”\”]}”}

Alternate solution: Use Ajax to submit the form

Wrap it up

In this tutorial, I explained in-depth the step-by-step guide on How to send email from static html page using Google sheets-scripts with screenshot so that you won’t get confused.

Follow the above steps to send your own email from static html page.

Thanks for reading!

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