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How To Open Paypal Account In Nigeria

How To Open Paypal Account In Nigeria

Nigeria paypal account

What’s Paypal Account

How To Open Paypal Account In Nigeria :

PayPal is a globally recognized and accepted means of payment anywhere in the world.

A PayPal account is an online payment platform owned by PayPal Holding Inc. PayPal is one of the most widely used online payment processors, supporting payment in over 100 countries and over 20 languages and with over 200 million active accounts.

Nigeria was among the countries which was denied access to registration and PayPal isn’t available, but now it is available for usage, but yet with some restrictions.

One of the benefit of using a PayPal account is that is the most widely use online as a payment system it allows to send and received fund online , without the merchant seeing your local bank account details.

PayPal has two basic types of account on it’s platform these are:



A personal account is for basic personal transactions like simple purchases online, it can’t be used for any business deals, you can only make payments with it but cannot receive payments.

Many African countries including Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Togo, Tanzania to mention only a few; are only permitted this account.

A business account on the other hand, has all the features that allows you to run your legitimate online businesses, make payments as well as receive payments from your customers.

A few African countries like South Africa, Kenya, Lesotho, Senegal, Morocco, Egypt e.t.c, have full access to both personal and business accounts.

PayPal is an easy and comfortable way to make payments on top e-commerce platforms like Shopify stores, Amazon, Godaddy, Aliexpress, eBay, and other e-commerce platforms.

Now you know what PayPal is, Let’s me show you how to open a PayPal business account in Nigeria.

Why you Need a PayPal Account

1.   Acknowledged Worldwide

Paypal is the most Popular installment stage on the planet with more than 277 million clients. reports that 255 million from the all out clients are purchasers while 22 million are shippers.  It is likewise the most utilized online Payment passage in Europe and the United States. In the event that the Nigerian Paypal account had the option to get cash, it would have been the most ideal approach to get assets from family members abroad rather than Western Union.

2.      Client Friendly

I think about why PayPal is well known is on the grounds that it is more client inviting than it is trader amicable. Accepting a client purchases a thing from a dealer and isn’t happy with the thing, the client has 180 days to demand a discount on PayPal. In spite of the fact that PayPal investigates discount questions so some naughty clients won’t cheat the vendor. By and large, it is a success win circumstance.

3.      Security

There was a period I made installment with my charge card through a specific Payment door utilized by some administration offices in Nigeria. That very day I got charge alarms that was not started by me. I announced the case to them on Twitter and they never answered. I went to my bank to gripe, the woman at the bank just revealed to me sorry.  While utilizing PayPal to make installments, you don’t need to uncover your check card subtleties. Your card subtleties are scrambled on PayPal’s worker. PayPal is additionally PCI consistent so you don’t have anything to stress over. Get Payments from Affiliate Networks and Freelance Sites This is the top motivation behind why a ton of Nigerians need to claim a PayPal account.

In the wake of getting rewards from subsidiary organizations or profit from outsourcing destinations, you unquestionably need to get paid.

Requirements Needed on how to Open Paypal Account In Nigeria

1.  Valid Email Address

2.  Names

3.  Address/postal code

4.  Business information’s (Business name, Business Type)

5.  Mobile Number

6.  NIN Number or Voters Card Number Or Drivers Incense or International passport Number

How to Open Paypal Account in Nigeria

Step1: Logon to: as shown above

Step2: after the above click on signup

Step 3: Click on Business Account as shown above

Step 4: Input your Email Address and click continue as shown above

Step 5: Enter your business details and click continue as shown above

Step 6: Describe  your business and click continue as shown above

Step 7:Enter your date of Birth

Step 8:Select country (Nigeria)

Step 9:Enter your Phone Number

Step 10:Enter your Home Address

Step 11:Then click continue and is done

How to Verify Your Nigeria PayPal Account

Verifying your PayPal account is just as easy.

To verify the Nigeria PayPal business Account you just registered, you have to first activate the account through a link sent to your email, and then you must link your Nigeria ATM card of your local business bank accounts.

Login to the email address you used in registering the PayPal account, and find the email from PayPal. Open the email and click Activate My Account: This will activate the account and give you a first-time login access to your PayPal account. 

Step by Step Guide to get your UBA Africard and Transfer your Paypal Fund to your Card

In this article I will explain step by step guide on how you can get your UBA Visa Africard and also how you can transfer your paypal fund to your UBA Visa Africard here in Nigeria and then cash out your money in any UBA bank branch. So keep on reading to the end to follow the guide.

What is UBA Visa Africard

The UBA Visa Africard is a flexible Bank Card offered by UBA Nigeria Bank to enhance transactions in all fields of endeavor.

The main advantage of the UBA Visa Africard is that you can use it for payment to all payment gateways and platforms in the world with  just a click of button.

That is, the card is internationally recognized. You don’t need to have a UBA Account to obtain the UBA Visa Africard.

The card is a Prepaid type. You can use the UBA Visa Africard not only to buy stuffs online or pay for services or withdraw via the ATM, but you can also use it to receive online Payments through popular payment networks that withdraw using cards, like shown in the case of Withdrawing money from Paypal in this previous post.

The UBA Visa Africard in design, is just like the traditional aesthetics of all debit or Master card out there, the only thing, is it’s functionalities that sets it aside.

The Prepaid Card (Africard) is not in any way linked to your regular bank account with any financial institution in Nigeria.

That gives you the ability to do and undo with the card. Meaning, you spend what you load.

For example, funds received in Dollars or other Forex via integration of UBA Visa Africard are converted to Naira for disbursement for the card owner.

The Visa Card is available in two options, either Going for the Dollar of Naira UBA Visa Africard.

Now that we have known what is UBA Visa Africard, let’s look at types of UBA Visa Africard below.

The Benefits of UBA Africard (Prepaid Card) in Nigeria

I will mention few but most important benefits that may interest you. They are:

1.         You can use buy anything from any online shopping sites in the world without any headache

2.         You can have UBA Africard in Nigeria without having a bank account with UBA at all.

3.         The card is not linked to any of your accounts

4.         You can use it to verify PayPal account in Nigeria and enable the most core feature of using PayPal.

5.         You can get it immediately or few minutes after you request for it

6.         According to UBA, the Africard or UBA prepaid card can be used at over 30 million retail outlets across the globe

7.         Can be used conveniently with the UBA mobile banking

8.         UBA Africard or Prepaid card is secured

9.         You can manage your card yourself.

Requirement to Get UBA Africard in Nigeria

Just like I got my own, here are the prerequisites:

Those are the few stuffs you need to get together and boldly apply for the UBA Africard or Prepaid Card in Nigeria.

Types of UBA Africard:

1.       Dollar UBA Visa Africard

2.       Naira UBA Visa Africard

The difference between both of these options is during withdrawal. Dollar Card can withdraw in Dollar from any of the UBA Branches. While the Naira card converts any forex denomination amount to Naira.

Both options can exactly be used for the same thing. Thus, it is recommended and advisable to go with the Naira card for ease. But, in cases, where the Dollar Card will be more advantageous for you like during Forex, then, you can go with the Dollar option.

 How to Get UBA Africard or Prepaid Card in Nigeria

1.      Visit the Bank

Unfortunately, you can’t apply for this card online or any other bank than to visit the nearest UBA business office or branch in your area, with the aforementioned requirements to get your Africard or UBA prepaid card.

PSS: UBA branch office is so far to my place, I will have to spend some bucks for transportation. So, to safe the expense, I have to call the bank if the card is available and unfortunately, it wasn’t. They said it’s going to be available in 3 business days and I called again after the 3 business days to confirm and it was then available.

So, I will advise you to call the bank first before you visit them because, AFRICARD or the UBA prepaid card is not always used as other type of card, which the branch office may not have in store because of that.

2.      Ask the Customer Care that you need “AFRICARD” or “PREPAID CARD”

You need to be careful when you get to the bank in order to request for the UBA Africard because you might be misled.

When I got to the UBA business office in my area, the lady that attended to me was trying to get me “MasterCard” thinking that “CARD” is “Card”. But I told her I don’t need MasterCard or VISA card but I need “AFRICARD”. Then she directed me to meet an officer in care of Cards collection in the bank and immediately, the man grabbed what I was asking for.

3.  Fill the UBA Africard or Prepaid Card’s Application Form Correctly

The application form is now in your hand, fill legibly without making any mistake.

The form is not hard to fill at all. Write your BVN at the top of the application form but if you don’t know your BVN, on your registered phone number with your bank, dial x565x0# and your BVN will be shown to you.

I need to tell you this:

There’s a place in the form that asked if you’re either the “Owner” or “Tenant” of the house address you provided.

If you choose “OWNER”, you will to provide the said “Utility Bill or NEPA bill” I told you to prepare under the requirements. But if you choose “TENANT”, you don’t need the utility bill (as at the time I got my own UBA Africard in Nigeria).

After you have filled the form, give it back to the card collection officer that gave you.

4.  Your Card will be Given to You

Finally, your card will be given to you and the next thing is to activate it!

I’m going to tell you how you can activate your UBA Prepaid card without visiting the branch office.

How to Activate UBA Africard in Nigeria using ATM & Online Portal

There are two ways you must activate your UBA Prepaid Card. The first one is activating at the ATM gallery and the second is using online portal…

Both ways will finally get your card in use. Here is how to do it:

1.   Activating UBA Africard with ATM

This is just as simple as when you changed your previous (mastercard) password after collecting.

Changing of password is the means to activate your account, and this require previous password. So, how can you get your UBA Africard previous or default passcode?

There is a sheet of paper with information about your prepaid card, on the sheet of paper is your hidden passcode which you will use for both ATM and online activating.

At the front of the sheet (where UBA logo is at the top right-hand corner), you will see something like scratch card but not actually meant to be scratched. You only need to peel the orange light nylon used to cover the blank area.

Note that the two passcode are written on the nylon.

The ATM PIN is at the top while the WEB PIN is below it. Note that each are 4-digits.

Now go to the nearest UBA ATM gallery and slot in your new AFRICARD or UBA prepaid card, change the PIN by first entering your default PIN, then NEW PIN…

If you’ve successfully did that, congrats.

2. How to Activate UBA Africard for Online Web

To activate the Visa Card for online web firstly, you have to take note of the default pin that was given in the envelope as the web pin.

1.  Go to on the web browser

2.      Enter the first 6 digits of the 16 digits into the field

3.  Click on the Check button

4.  Enter the User Name/Customer I.D in the field, this number is written, just at the back of the ATM Card as shown below.

What is UBA Africard’s Client ID and Where to Find It?

The UBA Prepaid Card’s client ID is 10-digits numbers which is special and different for every prepaid card.

Note that the UBA Prepaid Card’s Client ID is not your account number, it can be found on the card.

To find your client ID, turn you card to the back where there’s black stripe.

You will see a number written at the right hand side at the back of the card, very close to the bar code.

So after finding your UBA Africard’s Client ID, check your “WEB” passcode just below the PIN you used to activate your card at the ATM gallery.

 After you’ve successfully login with your Client ID and WEB PIN, follow the rest information and answer accordingly.

You will be asked to choose and set up 3 security questions, change your username and PIN and finally confirm everything by entering the code sent to your phone number.

That’s all about activating your UBA Africard in Nigeria and any other African countries using UBA prepaid card.

Remember I said the card is not linked to any regular bank account. Meaning that you will need to load it each and everytime you want to use the Africard for online transaction…

5.   Enter your Passcode (Which is the default code given in the envelope for web activation when the card was issued)

6.    Click on the Login tab

7.     The next page guides you on how to setup a new passcode for the online web

8.     Click on the next tab to continue

9.  This brings you to a new page to setup your New User Name and New Password

10. When done click on next. Which takes you to another page to setup your security questions and appropriate answers.

11. When done click on next button to continue. Which takes you to another page to enter a code sent to the mobile number, used during registration process in getting the card

12. Click on confirm to finish setup

When the online web setup is done as shown in the steps below, you can now login via the url given above on the web to track all transactions on the card as well as perform other functions.

You can see the dashboard and the current balance of UBA Visa Africard shown in the image below:

When the entire setup is done. Now the Visa Card is fully ready and activated for use.

The UBA Visa Africard can be used for myriads of functions. But a few are given below:

Uses of UBA Africard:

1.  For online payment. Pay for goods and services in popular online malls like, Jumia and Aliexpress from home.

2.  For receiving international transactions by linking with Paypal or other Payment platforms with withdraw to card option.

3.    Allows for using mobile UBA app even without an account

4.    Serve as a Prepaid card

5.     The Dollar Visa Card option, allows to withdraw in Dollar

How to Fund the UBA Africard:

The card can be funded in any UBA Branch in Nigeria. Simply work to the bank and fund.

The card can also be funded via UBA mobile app. Since, the cards as account number attached to it, you can transfer funds into the card from another UBA Customer with mobile app.

Some Advantages of UBA Africard:

1.      Does not require opening an Account with UBA

2.      It is Visa verified so can work on any payment platform easily without being rejected.

3.      With the Card you can withdraw from any ATM in Nigeria for Free while other ATM cards attract charges.

4.      Comes with Dollar/Naira card option

5.      The Card can be managed online.

How to Load or Fund Your UBA Africard in Nigeria

There are two sure ways to do this, if this is your first time.

  1. One of the ways is to simply walk into nearest UBA business office or agent around with the amount you want to load in, and they will do it for you.

Note that, if you don’t have bank account UBA, you will have to go to UBA branch offices before you can be able to load money on the card.

  1. The second way is so easy and it’s for those who have UBA bank account. You can load money into your Africard by simply using the UBA Mobile App or Internet Banking or Magic Banking.

I used the Mobile Banking App to load funds into my UBA prepaid card and was so easy.

1.  All you have to do is download the UBA official app, sign in by using your Client ID and PIN.

2.  After that, click on the “+” symbol you see at the top right corner of the screen and add your regular UBA account.

3. Now to load funds, click on “Send Money” while you’re on the regular bank account screen. Then transfer more than N1,050 to the prepaid card

That’s all about loading funds into your UBA Africard in Nigeria and I hope you get it.

How to withdraw your paypal fund to your UBA Africard

 Click here to open payoneer account

I hope this article has assisted you in one way or the other for the step by step guide on How To Open Paypal Account In Nigeria, and also step by step guide to request for UBA Africard and Transfer your Paypal Fund to your Card?

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