Herbalife Horchata Recipe

Herbalife Horchata Recipe

Herbalife Horchata Recipe

To make Herbalife Horchata RecipeOpens in a new tab., you’ll need the following ingredients

Herbalife Horchata Ingredients

  • Ice 1 cup
  • Herbalife protein mix 1 scoop
  • Herbalife prolessa duo 1 scoop
  • Water 1 cup
  • Cinnamon powder 1 tsp

Instructions on how to make Herbalife Horchata Recipe

Step 1

Tea bags are placed in boiling water, which is then allowed to steep for 5 minutes. Take out the tea bags and save them (see the optional step below.) Brew tea and set it aside.

Step 2

Rice should be ground as finely as possible in a coffee/spice grinder or blender in the meantime. In a blender, this should blend for about a minute. The tea and spice will permeate the grain more deeply the finer the grind.

Step 3

Together with the ground rice, add almonds and cinnamon to the blender. Add the reserved brewed tea and give the mixture a quick stir. For about 8 hours, cover the blender and let the mixture steep at room temperature. (Steep it overnight for a drink in the afternoon the following day, or start it in the morning for a beverage with dinner.)

Step 4

Optimal action Add the reserved tea bags and the previously steeped tea to the boiling water from the additional 2 cups. Re-steep the tea for 5 minutes, discard the tea bags and then chill the brewed tea until you’re ready to proceed with the recipe.

Step 5

Add honey and vanilla extract after the tea and rice-nut mixture has finished steeping in the blender. Until very smooth, blend. Add a layer of cheesecloth to a sieve with a fine mesh. (You don’t have to line the sieve with cheesecloth, but if you do, the beverage will have a smoother, less gritty texture.) Batch-wise passes the blended mixture through the lined sieve into a fresh pitcher. Use a spoon to press and stir to extract as much liquid as you can. Throw away any leftover solids. (The solids must be disposed of in batches as you go; they also make excellent compost, by the way.)

Step 6

If the re-steeped tea was saved, you can thin the strained mixture to the right consistency by adding it. Here, you can omit the tea altogether or substitute cold filtered water. Pour into glasses with ice and top with freshly ground cinnamon from a cinnamon stick to serve. (Tastes great with a little rum, too!)

How to Make Herbalife Horchata Recipe In the Home

You’ll need a cheesecloth or a sieve with an extremely fine mesh if you want to make horchata at home because the rice particles that manage to get through the fine mesh sieve must be removed. Otherwise, your kitchen likely already contains everything you require.
Oh, and to get the delicious horchata flavour, make sure to soak the rice in the water for at least 8 to 10 hours, preferably overnight. Even if you only leave it to sit for a few hours, the flavour won’t be as potent.

Is Horchata Vegan?

Unfortunately, condensed milk and refined sugar are frequently used in horchata recipes. As is customary for ASPC, I decided to make my horchata entirely from whole foods, giving you all the creamy, delicious, and refreshing flavours without the empty calories.
Since I use unsweetened almond milk, this horchata recipe is also vegan. Additionally, the horchata gains a pleasant caramel sweetness from the pure vanilla extract. Oh yes.

Horchata: Is it healthy for you?

Mexican horchata may taste like dessert, but it’s actually healthier than you might think. This dairy-free beverage contains naturally sweet ingredients like rice, cinnamon, and vanilla and is a respectable source of several minerals. If you make your own homemade horchata recipe, it’s perfectly fine for you to drink and take part in the festivities even though it’s still a sweetened beverage that is more of a treat than a regular thing.

Tips and Notes

Since I can remember, horchata has been a favourite among my family. Horchata comes in a variety of forms, but this recipe, in my opinion, combines some of the wonderful flavours we all know and love in horchata while also preventing it from being overly sweetened and fatty.
This mixture was also used to make frozen horchata pops, which the kids absolutely loved.

FAQS on Herbalife Horchata Recipe

How to make a Herbalife shake for weight loss?

The ingredients are simple to prepare. To make the shake, simply mix 2 scoops of powder with 8 ounces (240 mL) of nonfat milk. For a smoothie-like beverage, you can also blend the powder with ice or fruit.

Herbalife side effects: do they exist?

There are no known negative side effects from using Herbalife Nutrition products. Herbalife Nutrition’s meal replacement plans and dietary supplements work best when used as a part of a customized program created for a particular person because no health or wellness program is one-size-fits-all.

In Summary

This is a fantastic Herbalife horchata recipe. You can see that it’s ideal for the summer. Additionally, it is very easy to make and doesn’t require much time. It goes well with desserts or as a beverage with dinner. It’s convenient to keep in the refrigerator for a cold beverage.

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